Ghee may be a sort of clarified or clarified butter with origins in Indian cooking. Clarification is that the cooking process that separates milk solids and water from fat. In ghee, the butter is cooked longer than in drawn butter , allowing milk solids to brown before they’re strained out. this provides ghee a richer, nuttier flavor than traditional drawn butter .

For thousands of years, ghee has been utilized in Ayurvedic medicine as a curative for variety of ailments. The clarification process is believed to get rid of impurities, leaving a healthier product.

Clarification does remove milk solids, decreasing the lactose and casein content of ghee. this might offer benefits to people that have a milk allergy or sensitivity. However, research is ongoing on whether ghee offers measurable health benefits, especially as compared to regular butter. Ghee should still be utilized in small quantities to reinforce other foods, as you’d butter or oils.

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